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Kauai Tubing - Hawaii

Kauai Tubing is a one of a kind activity in all of Hawaii.  Kauai Backcountry Adventures Tubing takes place in old sugar plantation irrigation canals. The gently flowing water creates a Kauai tubing adventure perfect for all fitness levels.   Kauai Backcounty Tubing is a water system that once irrigated Kauai’s sugar crops.  The irrigation system has been unused since 2000 when sugar was taken out of production.  Finding an alternative use for the irrigation system that was no longer needed is a win-win for everyone. The system provides Kauai Backcountry Adventures with Kauai Tubing, an exciting business opportunity.  It provides the consumer the opportunity to experience a memorable Kauai Tubing Adventure on previously inaccessible land.  It provides the plantation with revenue to keep the irrigation system current and in good operation.


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