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Raysko Praskalo - Bulgaria

Raysko Praskalo, 124.5 m in height, is the highest waterfall in Bulgaria and the Balkans. It is located under Botev Peak (2,376 m) in the Balkan Mountains and is part of the Dzhendema Reserve of the Central Balkan National Park.

The waterfall feeds of the snow drifts on Botev Peak. Splashes of water falling from an incredible height - 124,5 meters create a spectacular sight and a sense of wonder in the beholder.

Raysko Praskalo is a well known natural landmark, drawing in and mesmerizing people from Bulgaria and around the world.

The waterfall is a great destination for hiking, rock climbing, eco-tourism, paragliding, and for everyone who just loves the mountains and the clear, cool mountain air.

The flow of Raysko Praskalo is at its peak during summer and is being visited by most people in that period.


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